Reaching the campsite

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Getting to the campsite

Where is the Jamboree place?

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Žiūrėti Be pavadinimo didesniame žemėlapyje

How to get to the campsite: there are two major airports in Lithuania. One of them is in the capital of country – Vilnius (, and the other one is in the second biggest city – Kaunas (

There is good connection between these cities and Telšiai. You can reach the city by bus (form Vilnius and Kaunas) or by train (from Vilnius).

Vilnius Bus Station

Lithuanian Railways

To plan your trip:

If you want to rent a bus or consult about the best way to travel to the Jamboree place, contact and we will try to find the best ways to do that :)

Do you like cinema?

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DSC_0801Have you ever thought about the cinema sized screen in the campsite? The Jamboree will have such a screen (and movies will be shown on it!). Some information about ‘The Movie Balloon’: 200 scouts will be able to watch a movie at a time. The program is divided according to the age groups and 8 movies will be shown during the Jamboree. We will have interesting discussions after the movies.



If you want ‘The Movie Balloon’ to be successful, become one of eight volunteers we need. Write to  rokieras@yahoo.comrussell_boy_in_pixars_up-wallpaper

By the way, if you capture every moment of your camping or hiking and have any kind of movies, send them to and we will watch them all together during the Jamboree!



The camp is also involved in